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Daria Stefan - Un mare talent national, apreciat si la nivel international!
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Valorile Romaniei - talente de nivel national si international

Mara Ceplinschi, ai fost absolut minunata. Sa ajungi a fi a 6-a in lume, la prima participare la senioare, este fabulos ca rezultat. CM, Japonia 2021

Debutantă la un campionat mondial, Mara Ceplinschi face parte din programul „Ţară, ţară vrem campioane”, coordonat de Mariana Bitang şi Octavian Belu.


Mara Ceplinschi (FX EF) - 2021 Kitakyushu WC

that should be the type of routine that wins a gold medal, idc f..k the COP
Watched this on BBC, IT WAS BRILLIANT, WELL PERFORMED!!! 👍 🙂 Lovely smile throughout and aesthetically pleasing. Hai Mara!!
so proud of her, since 2014 we dont see a Romanian so great in floor
why only 5.2 and not 5.4? I think she was not credited her Ferrari jump
So proud of Mara . That smile during the routine .. priceless 😍. That smile brought the smile on our faces too . She gave us hope 🇷🇴
Wonderfull work!! Underscored but it’s ok! She had a good result 😍
so proud of her! 6th in the world!

si clasamentul final, aici


Vezi si 


Mara Ceplinschi, maturitate in gandire si-n exprimare si la primul interviu televizat, dat imediat dupa exercitiul de la sol - CM 2021

Mara Ceplinschi (ROU) - Interview - 2021 World Championships - Floor Final

Mara Ceplinschi of Romania Interview at the 2021 World Championships in Kitakyushu, Japan after the Women's Floor Final. Thank you to Ana Padurariu for help translating our questions into Romanian, and to Catalina Spatarelu (@CSpatarelu on Twitter) for translating the interview! 2021 Worlds coverage brought to you by Tumbl Trak (


She is too much underscored.
im so excited for mara! i hope she and lari get to compete tgt hihi
She had a very good floor routine in the finals
Ok, all will not be right in the gymnastic world until Romania is re-established as a consistent contender for the podium, individually, and as a team. I said what I said.


She is lovely so happy for her ,,, also I can’t stop smiling while I’m hearing chellsie memmel at the end I just love her
So sweet but very mature too. I loved that she said she needs to work hard to be first. That shows ambition. And saying that she could do better bit this is a start and you have to start somewhere. So mature. I also loved that she tried to answer in English, not assuming, what a doll.


Awww I love her!!! Congrats Mara!!! You were wonderful.
it must have been hard for her being so young at her first worlds to go alone with no teammates! but she did so well and hopefully next time will have the support of a team!
She sold her floor routine and smiled so much throughout. She has an amazing attitude and it shows in her gymnastics -- she has added many new skills and has slowly increased her difficulty.
Felicitări Maria! Mult succes în continuare! ❤
Lovely! Congrats Mara, be proud of yourself! Thanks a lot for the interview! :)
Wow talks so fast....wait girl.😅
omg she is so cute! :)
Ok it was very nice of Jessica to tell her she can answer in Romanian. Also, Mara sounds very confident and full of energy, I love her!
Why is she sorry gurl you did amazing 🥺 6th on floor and great AA competition we lysm
She is so sweet and mature 🧡
What a sweetheart! 😍 Mara is a bright new star for Romania! 💖
I'm very happy for you Mara!! Keep up the good work



Felicitari Mara Ceplinschi ! Rezultatul superb la CM, Japonia 2021 
Un exercițiu foarte frumos, bine executat, cu eleganță, 
cu ținută de balerină, insotit si de un zambet angelic

25 octombrie 2021
Valorile Romaniei, Valori Naționale, Ceva deosebit, talente, patrimoniu, traditii, folclor, cultura, muzica, Stela Popescu